West End Workshops live has been running since April 2020 with a huge selection of workshops which have brought joy, entertainment and great training into the comfort of hundreds of people from all over the world. With hope that the world is returning to its new 'normality' we want to keep this great opportunity for you all. We will be running 2 amazing workshops each week, and we are incredibly excited about what we have in-store for you. For those of you who enjoyed our Summer Packages and love to join in as much as possible, we have created a new monthly pricing plan. You can either choose to -Step in Time, and join us for 4 workshops of your choice for £16 a month or you might prefer...Dancing Through Life...and want to join us for all 8 workshops that month for just £30. It is a one off payment so if you wish to join, the monthly payments will need to be purchased before the new month starts. We can't wait to see you all there on the next part of our journey together. Both Packages come with a discount code for our merchandise...just send us an email to request!


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